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Experience the dawn of a new era in digital printing with the ROQ NOW Digital Printer. Streamlined and intuitive, it epitomizes the Future of Printing, reinforced by the power of NOW.

Your Prosperous Future NOW at the Press of a Button.

Behold the pinnacle of set-it-and-forget-it automation – the ROQ NOW Digital DTG Printer. Experience the transformative power of relentless rigor and tireless reliability designed to redefine printing success and future-proof Your business like nothing before.

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The ROQ NOW integrates and reshapes Your printing workflow from upload to fulfillment.

Simplicity at its Core.

Effortlessly manage intricate designs and photorealistic prints in seconds, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and performance at every stage. This transcendental system represents a holistic solution tailored to Your varied printing requirements today and tomorrow. No matter the complexity, You're equipped to tackle challenges with unwavering assurance, showcasing Your brand with Hollywood carpet distinction.


Print On Demand...
to meet Your Demands.

Transform Your business into a pristine digital print factory with the powerful integration of the ROQ NOW Digital Printer, ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer, and the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System. From file to fit, this comprehensive POD solution streamlines every step of the garment production process, ensuring total automation. 

With the ROQ NOW, You'll experience precise and vibrant printing, while the ROQ SAHARA rapidly cures garments to perfection. Paired with the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System, You'll transition from printing to packaging, delivering professional results without effort.

Say goodbye to fragmented workflows and hello to Your own digital print factory, where every step is seamlessly integrated for maximum productivity and success.

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220+ Prints Per Hour
1 Operator Required
Color Channels
36 Printheads
2 In-Line PreTreat Stations

Unmatched Digital Print Quality.

Thrill Your audience with digital printing at its finest. Advancements in digital printing technology and digital inks deliver prints with exceptional detail, halftones, and an irresistible tactile feel that enthralls customers and keeps them returning for more.


What kind of art files can you use?


By design, the ROQ Digital equipment, along with most other direct-to-garment machines in the market, can print using PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF. PNG is the easiest and most common image format for DTG, allowing the easiest manipulation, placement, and printing. The JPEG formats are fairly limiting. JPEG limits the printer to either printing a large box or limiting the JPEG to only have a white background or a black background. TIFF and PDF are the typical formats for custom artwork. These formats can come with swatches attached. At ROQ.US, we’re developing a custom library to get an accurate reproduction of those swatches and will provide it on the ROQ Digital site as soon as it’s ready. 

How many pieces per hour?

220+ pieces an hour.

The ROQ NOW's production capacity per hour varies on several factors. Our official number is 220+ per hour, but that number can increase or decrease based on the dryer throughput, the competency of operators, the complexity of print, the material being printed on, etc. We have Partners that use the NOW at 250 pieces per hour for some projects, other Partners that use it at 120 an hour for more complex work, and others that are printing on very complex materials that require slower processes.

Why do you use 6 colors instead of just CMYK?

Using the latest 6-color Hexachrome setup allows us to print with a wider color gamut. With the addition of Orange and Green, You can achieve more accurate color reproduction. The 4 color system has a good basic color profile with very nice results, and the NOW focuses on the ability to produce the highest possible color reproduction for use in the high fashion market. 

What software comes with the ROQ NOW?

The NOW uses ROQ’s proprietary suite of applications. The entire ROQ Digital lineup also comes with neoStampa as the rip software. The digital cabinets also have ROQ STUDIO, a print preparation, simulation, and profile editor powered by neoStampa

What kind of printheads are used?

The NOW uses 18 industrial Fujifilm Dimatix Starfire Printheads per digital cabinet. A robust and repairable construction makes it ideal for textile printing. Using 80 pico-liter Liter heads in the white cabinet and 32 pico-liter Liter heads in the color cabinet. We decided to move to the 80pL. The reason we decided to move to the 80pL was for better coverage on a wider array of materials. The 32pL heads strike a good balance of coverage and fidelity which is why we use it in the color cabinet.   

Why Starfire printheads?

Fujifilm Dimatix Starfire Printheads are incredibly durable and allow for full maintenance, including refurbishing the heads. This allows us to treat the printheads less like a consumable and more like a component – a major difference.

Does the NOW require pretreated shirts? No, the NOW is the complete solution to DTG. It has 2 inline pretreat stations; 1 for white shirts and 1 for every other color. That being said, the NOW can use pre-pretreated shirts. 
What is the max print size on the Now? 380mm x 470mm or 15”x18.5”
What Size dryer is recommended with the ROQ NOW?

The biggest bottleneck in the process of printing is going to be the throughput of the dryer being used. The ROQ SAHARA curing engine can come in various sizes. The bare minimum size to be able to achieve:

Up to 140pcs/hr is the SAHARA 4515/18

Up to 210pcs/hr is the SAHARA 6015/18

Up to 300pcs/hr is the SAHARA 7515/18

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We’re grateful to offer You many convenient locations worldwide to visit and test drive a ROQ NOW near You. We’re thankful for the opportunity to partner with You for Your scalable and sustainable growth NOW and tomorrow.

NOW let’s talk about You. Please Your info below and Your ROQ Digital Solutions Team will be in touch right away to answer Your questions and share how and why ROQ Digital does digital printing differently.