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Step into the forefront of digital garment printing with ROQ Digital Printing Solutions.

Our groundbreaking technology, featuring the ROQ NOW DTG Printer and the ROQ GO DTG Printer, redefines how You materialize your designs. The ROQ NOW DTG Printer boasts lightning-fast printing speeds coupled with unparalleled precision, producing over 220 garments of any type or size per hour. Setting a new standard for efficiency, its advanced features and seamless integration accelerate Your workflow, allowing for effortless transitions from design to the finished product. 

Meanwhile, the ROQ GO DTG Printer prioritizes versatility and reliability, averaging 160 shirts per hour. Equipped with a spacious printing area and exceptional color vibrancy, the ROQ GO ensures consistent results batch after batch. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation a breeze, even for digital print novices.


Pairing these cutting-edge printers with the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System unlocks unparalleled potential and productivity. Seamlessly integrating with our printers, this automated fulfillment solution eliminates bottlenecks and streamlines Your operations from printing to packaging.

Discover the future of digital printing with ROQ Digital Printing Solutions. Elevate Your business from DTG to DTC with the simple Press of a button and experience how our innovative technology can revolutionize Your workflow for maximum gains.


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