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Revolutionize Your Production Workflow

Enhanced Technology.

Break open the full potential of Your digital printing business with the state-of-the-art ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer. Engineered for precision and performance, this innovative dryer is designed to elevate Your production workflow to unprecedented levels of performance and reliability.


Advanced Drying Technology:

Experience lightning-fast drying times and consistent results with the ROQ SAHARA. Its advanced technology ensures rapid and thorough drying of printed garments, allowing You to increase Your output without compromising on quality.

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1 Operators Required
x 1800
90°C -
Temperature range

Customizable Temperature Control:

Take full control of the curing process with the ROQ SAHARA's customizable temperature control system and optional split-belt conveyor for drying varying garment types simultaneously. Tailor the drying settings to suit the specific requirements of each garment, ensuring flawless results every time.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly:

Committed to sustainability, the ROQ SAHARA is engineered with energy-efficient features that minimize power consumption without sacrificing anything You want. Reduce Your environmental footprint while maximizing Your profitability.


Seamless Integration with ROQ Solutions:

Experience seamless integration with other ROQ machines, including the ROQ NOW and ROQ GO DTG printers, as well as the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System. Together, these solutions create a cohesive and efficient production ecosystem, streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.


What Size of dryer is recommended?

The biggest bottleneck in the process of printing is going to be the throughput of the dryer being used. The ROQ SAHARA can come in various sizes. The bare minimum size to be able to achieve:

Can I save custom recipes in the dryer control panel?

Yes.  It is very easy to save the settings and then load them at any time.  This gives you consistency and takes the guesswork out.  Simply name the recipe and save it.

Does the Sahara have the capability of a schedule function so the dryer is up to temperature first thing in the morning?

Yes.  You can simply select on the dryer display what days and times you want the dryer to be on.  No more wasting valuable time on the dryer getting to production temperature.

What if I am running both light and dark garments and the dwell time is different?

The Sahara has the option for dual belts.  We can adjust each belt speed to the required dwell time making sure you aren’t over/under curing the print.

What power sources does the SAHARA use?

The ROQ SAHARA comes in many sizes that use Natural/propane gas, gas electric hybrid and all electric.

Let's Connect

We’re grateful to offer You many convenient locations worldwide to visit and test drive a ROQ SAHARA nearest You. We’re thankful for the opportunity to partner with You for Your scalable and sustainable growth NOW and tomorrow.

Elevate Your digital printing business to new heights with the unmatched performance and reliability of the ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer. Join the ranks of industry leaders and revolutionize Your production workflow today.