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Revolutionize Your Business: Automate Fulfillment for Unprecedented Productivity and Profitability.

Finish with the finishing touch.

Performance and precision that ROQ requires. Packaged professionalism that Your Brand requires.
Industrial Print On Demand


Automatically produce 220+ garments of any size and type expertly packaged with the ROQ FOLD, ROQ STACK, & ROQ PACK. Delivered every hour, on demand, with 80% less labor expenses.

T-Shirt Print On Demand


Expertly fold, pack, and label (with optional Labeler upgrade), capable of expertly packaging up to an average of 160 garments per hour, with a single operator.

Ready To Go Out

Fulfillment Simplified. Volume Amplified.

Upgrade Your fulfillment process to upgrade Your entire system's ROI. Streamlining Your final step enhances overall productivity, saves valuable time, and significantly cuts labor costs. Click below to find out more about how this often-missed step can dramatically impact Your business.


Tailored Automation Configured Your Way

Automating Your fulfillment and finishing processes is crucial for reducing costs and scaling revenue effortlessly. Ensure Your workflow remains consistent and efficient, and witness a rapid surge in order volume without any slowdowns. You deserve a dependable solution that requires minimal oversight, granting You the peace of mind ROQ Digital provides.

1 Operator Required

Master Your efficiencies with the ROQ FOLD.

Future-proof Your productivity and cost savings by effortlessly folding up to 650 garments per hour with the ROQ FOLD investment. Thanks to its versatile and unmatched capabilities, it handles various clothing types, from t-shirts to dresses. Plus, enjoy the next-level convenience of automated adjustments for precise sleeve and body folds, sharpening Your workflow even further.

As You increase Your workflow with additional ROQ NOW Digital DTG Printers, Your ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System is more than capable of meeting today's requirements and tomorrow's demands. 


Customize Your Shipments with the ROQ STACK.

Stack up to 800 garments per hour with the ROQ STACK, featuring a Full Conveyor Automatic Stop and optional 2,300 mm Conveyor Belt. By integrating it with the ROQ FOLD, Your production process minimizes unused space in shipments, optimizing your operational efficiency. Monitor your production in real-time, adjust STACK quantities, and maximize STACK height to meet your KPIs effortlessly. Connect the ROQ STACK to the ROQ PACK system for a fully automated packaging solution, enabling the production of hundreds of packaged products hourly.


Stay ahead with the ROQ PACK.

Automatically PACK up to 1,200 garments per hour using eye-catching clear and polymailer materials with the ROQ PACK. With single-operator finishing, eliminate the need for excessive labor, reducing costs and physical strain. 


Unlock Compact Automatic Fulfillment with the ROQ OUT.

Designed to revolutionize and consolidate Your t-shirt fulfillment operations, the ROQ OUT acts as your reliable team of three, guaranteeing consistent quality with every order. It boasts an impressive capacity of up to 350 t-shirts per hour. 


We value Your time. Here's a glance at some of the biggest differences between ROQ's Automatic Fulfillment Systems. 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 3.12.08 PM
Fulfillment Solution
Fulfillment Solution
Competitive Advantage
Small Footprint
Configurable Layout
110 T-Shirts Per Hour
Made for T-Shirts
Made for Any Garment Size & Type
220+ Garments Per Hour
Discover the ROQ Digital Difference

Fulfilling Our Partners' Objectives

Headquartered in Ohio, Stakes Manufacturing is partnered with the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and e-commerce. A giant in the space, they produce one of the best custom DTC experiences with an intuitive system built to scale.

Stakes MFG Co-Founder Jed Seifert gives ROQ.US President Ross Hunter an awesome 1 on 1 tour of their massive operation and demos their ROQ equipment that enables them to fulfill 25,000 unique garments daily!
Jed SeifertCo-Founder

Fulfilling FAQs

How many pieces per hour can the machine do?

The ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System consists of the ROQ FOLD, ROQ PACK, ROQ STACK, and ROQ LABEL P&A. This configuration is capable of 650 garments per hour.

The ROQ OUT produces up to 350 T-Shirts folded, packed, and labeled (with optional labeler upgrade).


What type of garments can I send down this configuration?

The ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System can produce a wide range of garment types: tank tops, T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, fleece, hoodies, pants, dresses, polos, lightweight jackets, and other garments (some garments may need to be tested).

The ROQ OUT packages T-shirts with ease.

How many operators are needed to run the ROQ Automatic FULFILLMENT System? The ROQ OUT?

Only a single operator is required -- at the load position of the ROQ FOLD/ROQ OUT.  Everything else is automated.  

Let's Connect

We appreciate the chance to provide You with numerous convenient locations globally where You can experience a ROQ FULFILLMENT Solution firsthand. Partnering with You for Your scalable and sustainable growth both today and in the future is a privilege we value greatly.

NOW, let's shift the focus to You! Please fill out Your information below, and Your ROQ Digital Solutions Team will promptly reach out to address Your inquiries and explain the distinctive approach of ROQ Digital to automatic finishing.