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Unleash ROQ’s Integeared Solution for Screen Printing.


Wield the Best of Both Worlds

Prepare to embark on a journey into a truly unique and fruitful frontier of printing technology with the ROQ HYBRID Printer. This cutting-edge innovation propels You to Your loftiest aspirations with unwavering precision and boundless creativity.

Harness the Power of HYBRID Printing.

The ROQ HYBRID Printer is a beacon of ingenuity, revolutionizing conventional printing methodologies by seamlessly integrating screen printing, head-turning special effects, and final curing into a cohesive process. Bid farewell to the antiquated constraints of the darkroom and usher in a new era of automatic printing operations that defy convention and exceed expectations.

Hybrid final
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Experience Unrivaled Color and Detail.

With access to an extensive palette boasting millions of colors and the ability to achieve critical halftones essential for precise color matching, the HYBRID Printer empowers print business owners to unleash their creativity with unparalleled precision and finesse. From breathtaking photorealistic prints to captivating, eye-catching designs, every output is a masterpiece that commands attention and leaves an indelible impression.

320 Prints Per Hour
1 Operators Required
700x900mm (27.5x35.5")
18 Printheads
Color Channels

Embrace the Strategic Timing of HYBRID Printing:

In the ever-evolving landscape of printing, timing is everything. Whether faced with demanding clients, overwhelmed darkrooms, or the limitations of conventional machinery, the HYBRID Printer emerges as the ultimate solution. It's the catalyst that propels print business owners toward success, empowering them to meet and exceed expectations with ease, confidence, and unparalleled efficiency.


Conquer Unique Challenges with ROQ by Your Side:

With ROQ as #YourPartnerInPrint, no challenge is too daunting to overcome. From cultivating client demand to optimizing workflow and managing consumables, our comprehensive support ensures that You’re equipped with the tools and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the industry with grace and resilience. Together, we'll chart a course toward unparalleled success and forge a path that leads to new heights of achievement and innovation.


Embrace the Digital Evolution with ROQ Solid Confidence:

The ROQ HYBRID Printer isn’t just a printing wonder; it's a catalyst for transformation. It's the key that unlocks the door to Your future where creativity knows no bounds, and where You define success. Click above to test drive the best of both worlds and embark on a journey towards unparalleled achievement.

Unbeatable & Dynamic Print Quality.

Amaze Your audience with HYBRID printing at its finest. Combined with the legendary support and top-class ROQ screen printing, advancements in digital printing technology and digital inks deliver prints with exceptional detail, halftones, and an irresistible tactile feel that enthralls customers and keeps them returning for more.


What size machine can I put the Hybrid on?


By design, the ROQ Digital equipment, along with most other direct-to-garment machines in the market, can print using PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF. PNG is the easiest and most common image format for DTG, allowing the easiest manipulation, placement, and printing. The JPEG formats are fairly limiting. JPEG limits the printer to either printing a large box or limiting the JPEG to only have a white background or a black background. TIFF and PDF are the typical formats for custom artwork. These formats can come with swatches attached. At ROQ.US, we’re developing a custom library to get an accurate reproduction of those swatches and will provide it on the ROQ Digital site as soon as it’s ready. 


How many pieces per hour?

The ROQ HYBRID boasts a powerful production capacity of 450 pieces per hour.

Combining DTG and automatic screen printing technologies, the ROQ HYBRID delivers cutting-edge solutions for your cutting-edge creativity.

What is the max image size the Hybrid can print?

The Z axis on a ROQ HYBRID is adjustable up to 20mm for printing on a wide variety of textiles with a maximum image area of 29" x 35".

What kind of screen printing inks work in conjunction with the ROQ Hybrid?

The ROQ HYBRID is in the water-based ecosystem. ROQ sells complimentary inks to go along with the HYBRID. This includes white base, top coating, primer paste, blocker 2.0, Clear2.0. The new blocker base ink for HYBRID printing, ROQ’s Micropigment Blocker 2.0. Its homogeneous formula blocks the dye migration to top printings.

WHITE BASE » Textile White Base for Dark Fabrics

TOP COATING » Textile Top Coating for Digital Printing

PRIMER LIQUID » Pretreatment for Digital Printing

PRIMER PASTE » Pretreatment for Digital Printing

BLOCKER 2.0 » Blocker for Digital Printing

CLEAR 2.0 » Clear for Digital Printing

CLEANING SOLUTION » Cleaning Solution for Digital Printing

BLACK CTS UV BLOCKING » Aqueous Dye Ink for High Temperature

CTS CLEANER  » Cleaner for CT

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HYBRID Printing is a game-changing bridge between the best of yesterday and tomorrow. Fill out Your info below and Your ROQ Digital Solutions Team will be in touch to answer Your questions and share how and why ROQ Digital does HYBRID printing differently.