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What are the advantages of the ROQ Pallets?

ROQ machines use aluminum honeycomb pallets. The optimal material in screen-printing pallet construction offering temperature regulation and light weight construction. Since these pallets are lighter than traditional pallets, they allow for lower energy consumption and eliminate inertia problems.

Is it easy to operate a ROQ machine?

ROQ presses use a central console that controls the press and all its accessories. We designed this control panel to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Is everything controlled from the center console during the setup?

There is a command panel in each printing head: Each print head offers and additional control panel allowing the user to control all functions pertaining to that station as well as start, stop and palette rotation features.

During operations there is the need to clean the screens. How does the ROQ machines deal with this?

The print heads have a mechanical balancing system that allows for effortless manual lifting of the print head for cleaning screens. In the OVAL EVOLUTION, this feature is automated.

At the level of the squeegees what can we control?

All print heads are equipped with height adjustment, angle and stroke lengths as well as print speed and flood speed. Squeegee movement is controlled by and AC electric inverter. On the NANO however, squeegee movement is pneumatic.

What systems does ROQ offer to hold the screens?

Pneumatic screen holder ”U” clamp; Pneumatic screen holder pin system.

How accurate is the micro registration system?

ROQ uses a micro registration system with vernier scale a precision system that allows for an accurate, simple and quick final adjustment of the screens.

Where can the flash cure units be placed?

The ROQDRY models, the flash cure units, can be rolled under any print head lifted in the high position. They get their power from a plug located on the base of the machine. There is no need for an external power drop. There is an additional command connection at the base of the machine allowing communication with the main control panel. The NANO press has flash cure units incorporated in the machine.

What is the system to connect the ROQ accessories to a ROQ machine?

Connections for the flash cure units on the machine frame. All ROQPRINT machines accessories are connected directly to the machine frame. These links may include compressed air, power and control cable to sync the module with the machine making the whole work as one and avoiding any loose cables on your shop or any loss of time.

What is the advantage of the lasers positioning unit?

All ROQPRINT machines can be equipped with lasers to ensure easy placement of the item to be printed.

What is the Skip function?

The Skip function allows for the operator to indicate the machine to skip a pallet that was not loaded with fabric. By not printing on that pallet it will generate savings in energy, consumables and others. Can come in a form of a button or a pedal.