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ROQprint NOW


ROQprint NOW

  • DTG printing inline process;
  • Fully automated workflow from order until print is finished;
  • Web to Print;
  • Only one operator needed;
  • High end industrial printheads with recirculation incorporated;
  • CMYK station + Digital white station;
  • Maximum resolution 600X1600 DPI;
  • Print height 1,5 to 4 mm;
  • Z axis adjustable to the height of the fabric to be printed;
  • Uses pigmented ink – Aquarius (by Dupont Artistri);
  • Tailored RIP software – ROQ Studio powered by Neostampa;
  • White layer created automaticaly with smooth transition and choke function for a perfect registration;

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Product Description

ROQprint NOW the new DTG platform by ROQ optimized for web to print.

In an era of mass production and fast fashion, Roq is unleashing the RoqPrint Now. Our mission is to help today’s local print shops cater to the ever increasing and growing world of innovators,ROQprint NOW creators and independent designers. The RoqPrint Now facilitates the re-emergence of custom-made printed design by making quick turn around times and smaller print runs a viable and cost-effective option for the web to print market.

The RoqPrint Now is our100% digital press with no screens required. We’ve combined a digital white station with our digital CMYK station. So now, no matter what colour garment you choose, it can be printed digitally. With the RoqPrint Now,  printers can print completely different jobs in sequence without the down time of screen and ink changes. Printers will be able to print an unlimited number of shirts, each getting its own unique design one after the other with no downtime in between.

ROQprint NOWThe RoqPrint Now takes DTG printing to the next level. Our RoqPrint Now press features an inline process, which takes the garment from the pre-treatment to final finishing in one touch. This is a critical innovation in the DTG printing process. Unlike the DTG machines currently on the market, the RoqPrint Now takes a five-station process (pre-treatment, drying, pre-pressing, digital white and finally CMYK) and rolls it all up into a neat, efficient and time saving one step design.

Now an operator needs only to pick up a garment and scan its barcode to call up the assigned artwork and load it on the press. The RoqPrint Now does the rest.

The RoqPrint Now is an excellent tool in automating workflow, minimizing touches per garment, reducing the risk of human error and improving profitability. Our proprietary software can be integrated with the print shop’s production management software. Once the user prepares and loads the artwork onto the database, it uses a barcode system to call up the artwork to be printed on an assigned garment. Then, it will queue up the orders and print each file in sequence as garments are loaded on the press.

With RoqPrint Now short-runs become easy and profitable.

This is not all though. Our inline design also allows printers to add a screen print station when necessary. Whether you need to incorporate a discharge base for those zero-hand designs or to include a poly-blocker screen when printing on polyester fabrics, the RoqPrint Now is the press for you. We have created this new solution to both simplify a printer’s work-flow as well as allow printers to offer all the services their clients may need.




ROQprint NOW
print stations 16*
maximum print area - mm (in) 450 x 340 (17.7” x 13.4”)
productivity - pieces/hour 300**
pallets type special pallets with tissue fixing ring
RIP software RoqStudio and RoqServer Special Edition
bar code scanner yes
work sequence management software RoqNowSW
electrical requirements 3x400V AC 50 Hz; 44 kVA; 3ph + N + PE***
compressed air consumption 0.7 Mpa 120L/min.; 17.6cfm
machine dimensions - mm (in) 7426 x 4987 x 1789 (292” x 196” x 70”)
ink type Aquarius (by Dupont Artistri)
operating conditions (18° C_30° C / 64.4° F_86° F) (humidity: 50%_70%) non-condensing

printheads number 8+8
printheads type Fujifilm Dimatix
printing height range - mm (in) 1.5 - 4 mm**** (0.06” - 0.16”)
z axis course 18 mm
resolutions available 600 x 400 dpi (2 pass)
resolutions available 600 x 800 dpi (4 pass)
resolutions available 600 x 1200 dpi (6 pass)
resolutions available 600 x 1600 dpi (8 pass)
printhead recirculation integrated
sub-tanks recirculation integrated (only White Station)
ínk type pigment
operating printing conditions (18°C_30°C /64.4°F_86°F) (humidity: 50%_70%) non-condensing

method of deposition / number of nozzles sprinkler / 2
tank size (L) 10
pre-treatment deposition 10 to 50 gr.
control method uni and bidirectional

power 7.2 kVA
power/area 3.8 (W/cm²)
number of heating lamps 12 x 1200W

Power 4kVA
power/area 2 (W/cm²)


* available for other settings, upon request
** print size for A4 size
*** power supply type available: 230V, 3x230V, 3x400V in 50/60Hz.
**** as the print distance increases, the definition becomes lower



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