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  • Perfect synchronization with an automatic screen printing machine;
  • Intuitive to use;
  • High end industrial printheads with recirculation incorporated;
  • CMYK or CMYK +2 colours;
  • Maximum resolution 600X1200 DPI;
  • XL print area;
  • Print height 1 to 6mm;
  • Z axis adjustable to the height of the fabric to be printed;
  • Uses pigmented ink – ROQ Micropigment;
  • Tailored RIP software – ROQ Studio powered by Neostampa.

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Product Description

Those demanding jobs that you need to think 2 or 3 times before accepting, they will become easy jobs for you and your company. With the ROQ Hybrid you can combine glitter, foil, 3D, etc. with the precision of colours, high resolution and huge colour gamut all with a great hand feel.

The ROQ Hybrid can come with 8 or 12 print heads.

The ROQ Hybrid with 8 print heads use the CMYK colours. The version with 12 print heads use the CMYK + 2 colours enhancing the available colour gamut.

One of the reasons why ROQ decided to use the Fujifilm Dimatix for print head is the fact that it is possible to repair the nozzles. This feature allows for a greater lifespan of the print heads.

The ROQ Hybrid can come with a maximum printing size of 500x700mm.

The ROQ Hybrid adapts to the type of textile you are printing on. The Z axis can be adjusted (up to 20mm) to adjust the different height of the textile you are printing on.

To partner with the ROQ Hybrid, ROQ also has a new line of digital inks and products as well the ROQ Studio a RIP software powered by Neostampa.

ROQ, as always, supplies solutions. The ROQ Hybrid is the solution for the future of screen printing.

Your life will become so much easier.



ROQ HYBRID H8 C4 XL H8 C4 2XL H12 C6 XL H12 C6 2XL
print heads Fujifilm Dimatix
nr. of print heads 8 12
nr. of nozzles per print head 1024
drop size 24 pl
nr. of colours CMYK CMYK + 2
ink type pigmented ink
print height 1mm to 6mm
z axis movement up to 20 mm
x axis type of movement linear motorization
max. printing area (mm) 500x700 750x900 500x700 750x900
max. productivity 450 pieces/h*
resolution (DPI) 600x400 | 600x600 | 600x800 | 600x1200
max. resolution 600X1200 DPI
rip software ROQ Studio powered by Neostampa
environmental conditions temperature: 20º to 30º | humidity: 50% to 70%
power supply AC 100-240V | 50/60Hz | 3300W
width (mm) 1000 1280 1000 1280
lenght (mm) 2610 2890 2610 2890
height (mm) ** 1565 1685 1565 1685

* for a print of A4 paper size on medium speed.
** Adjustable height +/- 20mm


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