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  • Automatically pretreats garments for direct-to-garment digital printing;
  • Uniform spraying (excluding the “dew” effect);
  • Perfect synchronization with ROQHYBRID and ROQ automatic screen printing machines;
  • Quick and easy set-up;
  • Maximum coating area 625x830mm;
  • Pretreatment liquid tank of 5lts;
  • Individual “On/Off” selection possibility of each pulverizer nozzle;
  • Easy adjustment of the: height, width and pulverization length; pressure and flow coating and advance speed;
  • Semi-automatic circuit cleaning system;
  • Includes a integrated waste collection which is fitted under the pallet.

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Product Description

ROQ PRIMER automatically applies the pretreatment liquid on the garments to be printed, preparing them for a direct-to-garment digital printing. This automatic method always ensures a uniform spray of high quality, eliminating the “dew” effect.

ROQ PRIMER is extremely easy to operate, due to the in-built electronic control console. From here you can select the spray nozzles that you want, as well as control the amount of liquid sprayed through the speed of advance or retreat of the sprayers.

For better adjustment to the spraying area, ROQ PRIMER allows adjustment of height, width, and length.

It has a maximum spraying area of 625x830mm.

The ROQ PRIMER comes equipped with a semiautomatic circuit cleaning system.

It has 3 tanks with the capacity for 5 liters each, being: 1 for pre-treatment liquid, 1 for cleaning liquid and 1 for waste.

As ROQ PRIMER works in sync with the ROQ HYBRID digital printing machine and the ROQ PRINT YOU, ECO, OVAL, PRO and EVOLUTION screen printing machines, this allows high productivity and quality gains.

ROQ PRIMER, a machine that adds value to your digital printing!



[A] Length - mm (in) 2000/78.7"
[B] Height - mm (in) 1400/55.1"
[C] Width - mm (in) 1140/44.9"
Maximum Coating Area (mm/pol) 830/32.6"
Maximum Coating width (mm/pol) 625/24.6"
Minimum Coating width (mm/pol) 245/9.5"
Maximum consumption (kVA) 0.6"


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